A program for those kids who want to be successful in any career.


With so many youth programs available in the El Paso region, why not chose a program which can provide a young person with an up-close look at a career path in law enforcement.  Leadership is about responsibility and accountability.  These young adults from our city have similar goals, to make a significant impact on our community. The Explorers Program is an amazing program which opens doors for not only careers in law enforcement, but other careers and generally helps young adults reach their potential.  The kids that participate in the program have access to confidential information as part of police operations and will have access to restricted areas and sensitive information.  For this reason, candidates for the explorer program must be of high moral character, hard working, with an attitude of success.  

All photography provided by Ceci Mitre

HCPD Explorers El Paso

It's never too soon to develop a career path.

The explorer program allows young men and women to learn what it takes to have a successful career in law enforcement.

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El Paso County Explorers HCPD

Learn about police equipment and Texas laws.

Don't just wonder what police officers do on a daily basis. Join the program and learn about police equipment, vehicles, and what it takes to serve your community.

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