In 2006, the Horizon City Police Department established a police explorer program.

Open to youth members ages 14-21 in 2007, we saw the first generation of cadets come through our doors.  In 2014, the Horizon City PD proudly founded the first Police Explorer Club, a club designed for younger members ages 6th Grade - 13.  Since, our explorers have contributed to many community improvement projects and have earned the trust and respect of their community.  There is no greater pride than seeing a member become a responsible and trustworthy person in our society.


Our Mission

The Horizon City Police Department wants to provide the young people of our region an opportunity to better understand municipal government, Texas Laws, and to provide each and every member the opportunity to observe the operation of our agency in the process of its duty to serve and protect the community of Horizon City and to provide information on law enforcement careers.

Whether cadets decide to pursue a career in law enforcement, or any other field, the explorer program will help build the character needed to make their goals a reality.
— Sergeant Jose Mitre, HCPD


Life Skills Training

  • Substance Abuse Information
  • Academic Motivation
  • Civic Leadership
  • Civil Rights
  • Community Pride
  • Community Improvement Projects

Law Enforcement Career Training

  • Basic Officer Safety Concepts
  • Texas Criminal Law
  • Texas Traffic Law
  • Texas Juvenile Law
  • Texas Family Law
  • Mechanics of Arrest
  • Traffic Stop Procedure
  • Accident Investigation Procedure
  • Crime Scene Investigation Procedure

Police Explorer Cadets 13 years of age and older are encouraged to participate in our ride along program. 

HCPD Explorer Program Age Requirements


HCPD Explorers Ages:  14 - 21 years old

HCPD JR. Explorers Ages: 6th grade - 13 years old


Explorer & Jr. Explorer Program Uniform Requirements

Explorers must purchase their own official uniforms. Uniforms are not mandatory, but may required for participation in certain prestigious ceremonies or events.

The Official Uniform consists of

  • Midnight Navy Blue Top
  • Midnight Navy Blue Trouser
  • "Explorer" Pin
  • "Explorer" Sew-On Badge Patch
  • "Explorer" Post Emblem Patch
  • "Explorer" National Shield
  • Black Belt
  • Handcuff Case
  • Boots

Official Explorer Uniforms are not mandatory, however, there is a standard of school clothes which we request from our cadets as the cadets have access to our building and we want to make sure that our staff can immediately identify cadets as being part of our program.  

Basic Attendance/ Participation Uniform

  • Black Polo Shirt
  • Blue/ Black Jeans (no tears)
  • Black Shoes (no designs or patterns other than the brand of the shoe)

Explorer Conduct Requirements

The following requirements are reviewed on a case by case basis:

  • Must not be in disciplinary program at time of application. 
  • Must have acceptable conduct in school. 
  • Must be in acceptable academic standing. 
  • Must be in acceptable school attendance standing. 

The equipment featured in the section is not sold by HCPD and is provided as reference only. Purchase of the items in this list is strictly optional and is also available locally from various retailers. 

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